Zailin Pena – Navigating Two Worlds

My name is Zailin Peña. I was born in Cuba and was brought to the states at the early age of one.

I was raised in a Hispanic household, my parents not speaking English. My sister and I had to fend for ourselves when we went to school.

Eventually, we learned the native language of our new country, and we were able to do what was needed to succeed. It wasn’t easy, but I discovered that being bilingual has its many perks and can open many doors.

My grandfather was a Seventh-day Adventist pastor in Cuba, and he continued to be one once we moved to the states.

I was raised Adventist, along with my older sister. Our parents and grandparents always reminded us of what was right and wrong according to what the Bible said, and that we should never lose our faith.

As life has gone by, I have realized that I haven’t lived up to some of the spiritual expectations that were set for me as a child.

I have grown, and I’ve made decisions that don’t reflect the ideals that I was taught. I have seen the error of my ways, and I am trying to grow from them.