SAU Blacksmiths: Forging ahead with their craft

  • Southern's Smiths blacksmithing studio.

By Zailin Pena

While it isn’t the most well-known club on SAU’s campus, Southern’s Smiths is the university’s very own blacksmithing club.

Various forged tools reside in the club’s studio, where members meet every Thursday from 6 to 10 p.m. The blacksmiths work with a variety of instruments to make their art, and a power hammer was recently donated to help them out.

Every year, the group participates in SonRise, the university’s Easter pageant, where they have their own section that is located by Thatcher South. A few members hand out small hammered nails to kids, while others forge tools right out in the open.

Southern’s Smiths don’t get much attention, but they are forging ahead with their craft.

The club is just another example of the variety of talents on campus.